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Where are you located?

My photography studio is located in Northwest Portland, Oregon. On-location portrait sessions are held at some of Portland's most beautiful scenic areas, while studio sessions are customized with special props, backdrops and lighting. I serve the Portland area including Lake Oswego, Vancouver, Beaverton, Tigard, Hood River and Tualatin. I am also available for travel outside these areas upon request. I shoot in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara and Los Angles, California. Out of state locations require an advanced booking.


Once the shoot is complete, when do I get to see the photos?

Depending upon the type of photo session, a shoot can generate 30-500 photos. Within 1 weeks a private online gallery will be sent and you will have 2 weeks to make your selections for final retouching and printing. Once I receive your photo selections, the final photos with be ready within 1-2 weeks. 


Are the photos re-touched?

The photso in your online viewing gallery are only mildly retouched. Your photo selections for printing and/or purchase will be fully re-touched. Enhancements include the removal of blemishes, whitening teeth and softening the skin. 


How do I order prints?

Once you receive your online photo gallery, you have two weeks to place your print order (weddings get one month). The process for selections is explained in an email. All photos can be ordered in color, black & white or sepia. Prints can be ordered as large 16x20.. Photo files or discs can also be purchased for cost. Print orders are mailed within one-two weeks. 


Can I purchase the digital photo files?

Yes, individual photo files or discs are available for purchase. All digital files are high resolution for printing. 

Will my photos be featured on your website?

Yes, a few selected images from our shoot will be featured in my online portfolio. I am sensitive to my client’s comfort and will take down images upon request. I am careful to post images with nudity and will only post implied nudes, nudes with the face not visible or nudes with a client's permission. 


Maternity Photography

What should I bring to my Maternity?

Please arrive hair and make-up ready or arrange in advance to have done by a professional. For maternity, please wear white or nude underwear and bras. Bring a strapless bra if you have one (I have some but not all sizes). Bring anything you would like to be photographed in: dresses & skirts, slips, tops, lingerie or special jewelry. Since many of the images involve hands on the belly or body, you may want to have your nails manicured. Wear form fitting clothing to emphasise the shape of the belly. 


What do you provide for a Maternity shoot?

I have a variety of sheer fabrics for draping, long black and white skirts, black & white tube tops.  Not all of my items fit all sizes, but are available if needed. We will work together to style different look options that are comfortable, flattering and beautiful. 

Tips to prepare for your session:

- Select your clothing in advance 

- Do NOT wear elastic around the belly the day of shoot because it leaves a mark on the skin. 

- Women: Wear/bring dresses, skirts, slips, tank or tube tops. Anything you want to wear that looks good on your belly. 

- Men: Wear/bring dark denim jeans, black pants, solid black or white shirt, nice-casual tops that match the attire or your wife

- Couples- Coordinate your outfits. This does not mean that everyone matches, but that everyone is either formal or casual, and that colors compliment each other.

- Be hair & make-up ready. Wear extra cover-up for shine and bring powder for touch-ups. 

- Manicured nails are nice for hands holding the belly

- Helpful to have nude underwear, white or nude undie-shorts & a strapless bra

- Bring any special jewelry or props

* I will provide black & white tube tops & skirts and some draping fabrics

Boudoir /Sensual Photography


What do I bring to my boudoir session?

Bring anything that makes you feel beautiful and sexy; slips, corset tops, sets of lingerie, scarfs, partners shirt or tie, pj's and your birthday suit. Bring high heels and special jewelry. I have some extra slips, scarfs and draping fabric. 

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